Practice Makes Perfect


Every sport has its key techniques that, once achieved, will improve your ability, grow your confidence and maximise your fun.

In the first episode of this season’s How To:XV, we covered how you can get yourself mountain fit in preparation for heading outdoors. This week we’ll show you another great way to prepare - mastering your technique.

In the latest episode of ‘How To: XV’, Xavier de le Rue will show you how to master snowboarding's own essential technique - the toe edge turn.


Bonus episode

This week we’re treating you to an extra video! Here you’ll see Xav face his fears and attempt to backflip a mountain bike.

Under the expert coaching of Sam Pilgrim, they go through the small steps needed to get the essentials right, before attempting the full backflip.

Find out how Xav got on:


Questions for Xav?

Throughout the series, we’ll be taking your questions on every ‘How To: XV’ episode. Send us your thoughts, comments and questions by leaving a comment below or by emailing us.

We’ll get back to you with answers from the man himself.

See you out there,

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