Introducing the World's First Winter Map of the Entire Alps 🎉

With winter just around the corner, we’re excited to release news about one of our biggest updates yet.

To help anyone visiting the Alps find the best adventures, this season will see us release the world’s first winter map of the entire alps.

Time to start planning…

If you have a trip to the Alps planned, you will be able to use FATMAP to create and discover adventures, navigate on the mountain and share your stories.

With over 650 major ski resorts covered, you can explore every piste and lift and find the perfect runs for you.

We're adding over 70,000km² of winter satellite imagery so whether you’re staying in-resort or heading to the backcountry, you can virtually explore anywhere in the the Alps in winter mode and in 3D.

For the growing number of people who enjoy freeriding and ski touring, our team of local experts are continuously adding classic routes that have all been moderated by qualified professionals.

We’ll even be adding tools for you to publish your own routes to FATMAP so you can share your stories and inspire your fellow explorers.


There’s more…

On top of our range of planning and navigation tools, we’re introducing a host of completely game changing features:

  • New layers will allow you to see snow coverage anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

  • The Terrain Toolkit is getting an upgrade with custom filters allowing you to ask FATMAP a question like ‘show me all the 30° north facing slopes above 2000m’.

  • You can follow all the adventures you create in FATMAP using the mobile app and navigate in full 3D with our location features.

These are just a few things you can expect to see this season and we can’t wait to hear what you think (send us all your thoughts to

A view across Chamonix, France and exploring the freeriding options.

A view across Chamonix, France and exploring the freeriding options.


Is it just the Alps?

You can use FATMAP to explore anywhere in the world!

Major snow sports destinations in USA, Canada and Japan are covered with both winter imagery and snow sports content, plus some areas of the Pyrenees..

Our mission is to make the outdoors safer and more accessible and we’re always updating FATMAP with new adventures, better imagery and tools to help you get the most out of your outdoor experiences.

So join us this December on FATMAP and start creating your own winter adventures.

See you out there,

Adam and Team FATMAP

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