Our Vision

Better, safer adventures.


Adventures are all around us.  At FATMAP we want to make them easier to discover, experience and share.  

The wild places of the world can often feel daunting yet within them lie many of life’s most rewarding experiences.

From mountains to deserts, oceans to forests and beyond - at FATMAP we want to make these extraordinary places and their endless possibilities more accessible.

Whilst explorers of old needed extreme amounts of preparation or often simply strode blindly into the wilderness - at FATMAP we have brought together cutting-edge technologies and local experts to make adventures simpler and safer.

We’re building FATMAP as the Home for Outdoor Experiences.

Whether you're a professional mountain guide, weekend warrior or just want to escape the city once in a while - by enabling each of us to share our experiences and document the world’s adventures, we’re creating the definitive guidebook to the outdoors. And by providing the best outdoor map and access to everything you need in one place, we’re making it much easier to plan and navigate safely.   

What drives us is a belief that outdoor experiences are a profound source of pleasure and joy. Moments to break from our increasingly connected, hyper-urban daily lives that not only help to improve our mental and physical health but also contribute to our overall happiness.

By enabling more people to experience the wonders of our world we hope to help build greater respect for it and in turn protect it. This doesn’t have to mean crowds, or higher pressure on our beauty spots, but instead better ways to share adventure with one another. We believe this is not just a way to enjoy life, but also helps our relationships, local economies and ultimately the planet.

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Misha Gopaul
Founder & CEO