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What is FATMAP?
  • Information You Can Trust
    Planning adventures in the outdoors can be difficult. That’s why every word you read has been written by local experts who care about keeping you safe and ensuring you enjoy the places they love.
  • Know Where You Stand
    Navigating around the world’s great outdoor spaces has never been more intuitive with beautifully detailed, high-resolution maps on desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • A World Of Adventure
    With the best adventure sport destinations covered, you can ski in the Alps, hike in the Rockies, or mountain bike in the Andes. Discover the best adventure sport guides anywhere in the world.
  • Read the Terrain
    Quickly access crucial terrain and safety information at the touch of a button. FATMAP’s Terrain Tools give you accurate readings of gradient, altitude, aspect and avalanche zones for every inch of the planet.
  • Go off the Grid
    Take your maps with you anywhere with offline access. Simply download a section of the world you plan to visit and use it even in airplane mode.
What is FATMAP?
We built FATMAP to help you plan adventures and navigate around the world's great outdoor spaces.Ultimately, we exist to help you have better, safer experiences in the outdoors.
We've mapped the whole world in beautiful, high-resolution detail and teamed up with local experts all over toprovide selected guides for skiing, hiking, biking and mountain climbing.
If you want to explore the outdoors, find adventures and share your stories, wherever you are, then this is for you.
Explore the mountains with Xavier De Le Rue
See how the world's most experienced big mountain snowboarder uses FATMAP to find undiscovered routes.
Xavier De Le Rue
Three times world champion snowboarder
"FATMAP has changed the way I see and act in the mountains"
Liv Sansoz
World Champion Climber
"I've been using FATMAP for almost all of my 82 summits and in many different ways. Once you get used to it, it's hard to do without."
Vivian Bruchez
IFMGA Guide and Steep Skier
"The quality is just incredible. You have the feeling of being in the mountains. It’s the ideal tool to imagine and create your own adventures."
"Over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity"
- John Muir
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"Think Google Earth but with between 15 and 45x more detail, usable offline plus a whole terrain toolkit to makeit an indispensable mapping tool."
"It will revolutionise your backcountry experience."
"It lets our riders get the most out of the mountains."