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How to Use FATMAP to Find Fresh Powder with the New Snow Layer Tools

Searching for deep powder, heading out on your annual ski-trip, or planning a ski-tour - it’s great to be able to know where the snow is, how much there is right now and how much is due to fall.

With our three Snow Layers you can do exactly this! Snow Depth, Fresh Snow and Snow Forecast give you all the information you need to not only plan your trip but also be able to make important decisions on equipment and safety.

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Using FATMAP's Digital Tools to Plan and Promote Your Adventure Services

A huge section of our community are outdoor experts, mountain guides and educators. These are the people we rely on to ensure the rest of us not only have a good time out there, but a safe one too.

If you’re a guide or mountain leader, there are a number of features on FATMAP that will be particularly useful to you when it comes to planning and sharing your trips.

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How to Camp on Snow

The best adventures usually involve a tent but have you ever been camping in the snow before? It might seem a little crazy but it's very possible to make your tent a happy, warm home. Xavier De Le Rue takes us through the whole process of planning your camping expeditions this winter.

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