Track All Your Adventures and See Them in 3D with Our New App!

Probably the most requested feature from our community has been the ability to record and track your adventures. We’ve been working hard over the past months to bring this feature to you and we’re really excited to announce it’s finally here!

Introducing FATTRACK: the Outdoor Route Tracker.

FATTRACK is a stand-alone app that allows you to track your outdoor adventures and automatically save them to your FATMAP account. You can then see and share them instantly in 3D with the FATMAP App. 

The app is currently available for iOS devices only - Android will be coming soon.

The app is currently available for iOS devices only - Android will be coming soon.



FATTRACK is designed to be simplest and easiest way to record, save and share your outdoor experiences. With its sleek and efficient interface, it’s also battery-friendly, meaning you can record those all-day adventures.

To start recording a new track, once you’ve installed the app and logged in with your FATMAP email and password, simply hit the + button on the top right-hand side of the screen or the New Recording button on the bottom of the screen.


As you can see in the GIF above, when you bring up the track recording screen, you will see your current altitude, heading and coordinates. Tapping the activity selector allows you to choose from 20 different sports to track.

Hit the Start button and FATTRACK will do the rest for you. You can pause the recording at any time and once you’ve finished, you can add a title, description and upload photos.

As soon as your track is saved, it is automatically synced to your FATMAP account, so you can share or view your recording on FATMAP in 3D.

FATTRACK Pause Recording copy.jpg
FATTRACK Activity View.jpg

We’ve designed FATTRACK to allow you to track your activities with minimal fuss, giving you more time to focus on having fun outdoors.

The important information you may need on-the-go is quickly available at a glance and once finished, everything you need to review and share your adventures is there.

We would love your feedback on FATTRACK! Leave a comment below or send us your feedback to

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