How to quickly plan adventures using SnapTo ✏️

Creating and planning adventures with FATMAP is now faster, easier, and more satisfying than ever before thanks to the release of our new SnapTo drawing tool!

SnapTo is designed to allow you to quickly and easily draw custom routes along roads, trails and footpaths (you'll see them marked as yellow and black chequered lines). SnapTo will follow the trail reference data on the map, along with dirt roads and other major roads if your route happens to use them.

It's especially perfect for trail-based adventures like mountain biking, hiking and trail running!


Accessing SnapTo Mode


To access SnapTo mode, click on Create a New Adventure (bottom left) or the draw adventure icon (bottom right), and choose the 'Draw your line' option. Then, click the SnapTo icon on the top of the screen to turn it on.


Drawing Routes in SnapTo Mode


To draw a route in SnapTo mode, begin by dropping the first point on a trail.

Then, move your cursor further down the trail and wait for SnapTo to fill the trail with points. Note that this can take a couple seconds, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Once the points have auto-populated along the trail, click once, and that entire stretch of trail will be drawn. Continue scrolling along your intended route and clicking to draw more sections of trail.

If you decide you want to hand-draw some custom segments — for instance, if you plan to do some off-trail hiking between two sections of singletrack — you can quickly and easily switch back and forth between standard drawing mode and Snap To by deselecting/reselecting the checkbox, even in mid-draw.


Coming Soon...

SnapTo currently works great with uninterrupted stretches of trail, but right now it won’t route through trail intersections. This means you’ll need to click a little bit more around trail junctions to get the line onto the correct trail segment, but then you can quickly cover ground along uninterrupted stretches. 

We’re currently working hard on Version 2 of SnapTo which will offer automatic routing through trail junctions. Stay tuned!

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