How to Camp on Snow


There’s nothing better than going on a camping adventure but have you ever been on one in the snow before?

Pro-snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue has countless expeditions to arctic regions under his belt, picking up many tricks and tips about winter camping on the way.

In the second episode of ‘How To: XV’, Xav shares these priceless insights so that you can get out there and enjoy some snow camping yourselves!


Where to pitch up

As Xav says in the video above, finding a safe location is crucial, away from cliffs and mountain walls. You also want a flat, level area to pitch your tent as sleeping on an angled slope is both uncomfortable and impractical.

Luckily with FATMAP, we have just the tool for the job! In the Terrain Zones tab you can select the Flats tool and all the level areas will be highlighted on the map for you.


What is ‘How To: XV’?

Snowboarding icon and FATMAP Ambassador, Xavier De Le Rue, has spent his life in the mountains. Along the way, he’s gained years of unique experience in everything from safety to navigation to fitness. The ‘How To: XV’ series aims to inform and inspire anyone who loves getting outdoors.

Catch up with all the episodes on the How To: XV Youtube channel.

Questions for Xav?

Throughout the series, we’ll be taking your questions on every ‘How To: XV’ episode. Send us your thoughts, comments and questions by leaving a comment below or by emailing us.

We’ll get back to you with answers from the man himself.

See you out there,

Jon and Team FATMAP