Using FATMAP's Digital Tools to Plan and Promote Your Adventure Services


We’re creating FATMAP to be the home of the outdoors for everyone, from beginners and enthusiasts to pro-athletes and experts.

A huge section of our community are outdoor leaders, mountain guides and educators. These are the people we rely on to ensure the rest of us not only have a good time out there, but a safe one too.

If you’re a guide or mountain leader, there are a number of features on FATMAP that will be particularly useful to you when it comes to planning and sharing your trips.

Find out more about these features below and also how you can get your hands on all of FATMAP’s digital tools with Pro-Access.


UsIng FATMAP to plan and Share your itineraries

Your clients are not only excited about going on the adventure itself, but they also want to know the details of what’s involved and where they are going.

Once you’ve drawn your route or uploaded your GPX file, our newly designed adventure information panel makes it easier than ever to add all the detail you need to make your route accurate and informative.

Learn how to create adventures and import GPX files

If you plan to share the route with your clients, you can add important logistical information in the description, such as the meeting place, time and what gear you recommend they bring. You can also add website links in the description section, such as links to mountain huts or even your own homepage.

Now your route is ready to share with your clients, simply click the share button (see the screenshot below) and send your guests a link directly to this adventure. They will now have all the information they need as well as a fully interactive, high resolution 3D map of the route.

The share button on the FATMAP web platform

The share button on the FATMAP web platform


Collecting Your Routes

Our newly launched feature, Guidebooks, allows you to organise your routes into one collection. Guidebooks have their own dedicated section on the main FATMAP website allowing users to immediately see and filter guidebooks by location and activity.

If you would be interested in creating your own guidebook, let us know.


Show off your adventures

As well as sharing direct links to your adventures with your clients, another way to show off your trips is to add an interactive embed to your website and blog, like the example below.

Find out how to embed routes and destinations

As you can see, the map is fully interactive, allowing you to zoom in and out, watch a flyover of the route and see the statistics like elevation, gradient and distance.


Your Profile

We’ve now added in the ability to edit your profile. This means you can add a first name, last name, website and profile picture. Feel free to add your personal or company name, profile picture or logo and homepage or social media channel.

Learn how to edit your profile

Now, when one of your routes is discovered on FATMAP, people will see your name and clickable link to your website in the information panel (see highlighted section in screenshot below).

Your profile and website link

Your profile and website link


More tips:

  • Make your routes private or public

    • When you’ve created a new adventure, you can choose to either save it privately, or publish it publicly for the whole FATMAP community to see.

  • GPX files

    • It’s easy to import and export your GPX files with FATMAP for adding routes you’ve already tracked or for sharing the GPX files with your guests so they can navigate with their own devices.

  • Terrain tools

    • You can access a number of different terrain tools, such as Distance, Elevation and Aspect, along with our new custom terrain filters available for Explore members.

    • Find out all about the different terrain tools and how to access them here.

  • Drop Waypoints

    • Not only will they give you the elevation and GPS coordinates but you can save them and share them, great for meeting points or POIs. Learn more about waypoints here.

Understand your terrain better with the FATMAP Terrain Tools

Understand your terrain better with the FATMAP Terrain Tools

Coming soon…

There are more exciting and relevant features coming soon, such as:

  • More activities: plenty more activities are coming, covering everything from mountaineering to sailing

  • Bookable adventures: links directly from FATMAP for people to book your trips

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Are you a mountain guide, outdoor leader or educator? Follow this link to find out how you can get your hands on all the FATMAP Digital Tools with our FATMAP Pro-Access.


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