Share Your Adventures With The FATMAP Community


Inspiration everywhere you look

Our mission is to always provide you with the highest quality, most relevant, and inspirational adventures. You should always be able to discover your next big challenge or casual day out no matter who or where you are.

The world is a big place and you, the FATMAP community, are out there every day exploring and gathering stories, experience, and knowledge about our amazing planet.

So we’re really excited to announce that you can now add your adventures to FATMAP for the whole community to see!

The result will be a global, multi-sport guide to getting outdoors.



As you can see in the GIF above, once you’ve added all the details to your adventure, simply hit the Save and Publish to FATMAP button.

Your published adventures will be discoverable on FATMAP and it’ll be a great way for you to start sharing your stories with your friends, followers, and communities.

To make everybody's outdoor experience safer and more rewarding, we do ask that your adventures meet a certain minimum criteria:

  • Complete: Everything needed to describe this adventure. This includes an accurate title, helpful description, and engaging images.

  • Accurate: All details are correct and up to date. This includes an accurate line in the map and validated difficulty rating.

  • Awesome: Help people find the best adventures on FATMAP. To this end, ensure that the adventure that you publish is useful for other people, that it’s an adventure someone else would enjoy completing.

We can’t wait to see all your published adventures on FATMAP and together, we can create the best map of the outdoors that the world has ever seen!


Jon Williams