The World’s Best Topo Maps

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Over the past few weeks you may have seen us introduce Topo Maps to the FATMAP app. These non-satellite maps give you all the information you can get from a regular map with the added bonus of being in 3D on FATMAP. They have proven to be very popular and we’ve had some great feedback!

Our aim with FATMAP is to provide you with all the tools you will need to plan and navigate safely on your adventures. While our satellite maps and terrain tools give you plenty of information to understand the terrain, Topo Maps add that extra layer of detail.

As you can see in the GIF below, all Topo Maps are accessed in the terrain tools menu, allowing you to select your preferred country. If you have a route selected or are viewing activities on the map, they will still be visible on the topo map, allowing you navigate and access the terrain.

Since the release of Topo Maps, we’ve been using them in correlation with FATMAP’s custom angle overlays and exportable route planning more than the original high resolution photo imagery itself. It is incredibly powerful digital mapping!
— Mike Austin, co-founder of AvalancheGeeks

Currently available on the FATMAP App with the Explore membership are Topo Maps for Switzerland, USA, France, Austria, Germany and Spain. The UK is coming soon!

Not an Explore member? Try it for free for 7 days with our free trial!

Let us know what you think of the Topo Maps and which countries you’d like to see us add next. (Spoiler: the UK is coming next!).

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