Map Contributors

We’re looking for local experts and mountain professionals to work on a freelance basis to help build the FATMAP Guidebook.

The ideal member of the Guidebook team possesses these qualities…

  • A high level of competency and experience in the sport of your choice.

  • Lives in one of the top mountain destinations around the world, or has extensive experience to draw on from previous adventures.

  • An excellent mastery of the English language, including grammar, punctuation, and creative style.

  • Experience editing and processing GPX files.

  • Skill with a camera in order to document epic adventures with beautiful images, or resources to draw upon in order to source images.

  • Be a self-starter who can work well with minimal oversight.

    This isn’t a full-time position and you can choose how much you want to get involved. The average payment per route is $50.

How to apply

We’ll be taking applications until Sunday, October 7th (edit: extended one week from Sunday, September 30, 2018).

To apply, begin by logging in with a free account on and creating an adventure in Adventure Studio (click here for information on how to create an adventure).

Once you’ve completed and saved your adventure, fill out the form below with all requested info (including the link to your adventure), and submit it.

Be sure to tell us a little about yourself: where do you live, and/or what epic adventures have you completed that you can draw upon? What epic adventures are you interested in contributing? What's your background?

We’ve included some tips on how to submit the best route and the type of people we’re looking for below.

We’ll respond to all applicants in October via email.

What a good adventure looks like…

Follow these brief tips to create a great FATMAP adventure:

  • Think of an epic route that you think just has to be included in the FATMAP guidebook. This could be one of the most renowned epics in the world, one of the top mountain biking or hiking routes in a fabled destination, or a sleeper hit that you think the world needs to know about. Bonus points for sending in a route that’s not yet available on FATMAP.

  • Ensure that both the line and description have as much detail as possible.

  • Write an inspiring description of 250-500 words that provides a beautiful overview of the adventure. Focus on answering these questions:

    • What’s unique about this route? Who would enjoy embarking on this adventure? Why would somebody be interested in completing this adventure? Remember, the map will be there to support your description.

  • Upload three or more high-res images that accurately capture the atmosphere adventurers will experience if they complete this route.

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