Why join us?

Building the world's first outdoor adventure platform brings new and interesting challenges every day. Every one at FATMAP is committed to enabling people have better, safer adventures in the outdoors. 

As both a fast growing company and community, we're looking for people who are passionate about the outdoors, creative with technology and can thrive in fast-moving environments. After all, if it was easy... everyone would be doing it. 

We're backed by the best European investors and have an incredibly talented and diverse mix of people. We also love to get outdoors as much as we can. We call it 'product testing'. 


Senior Interaction Designer - Berlin

In your role as a Senior Interaction Designer at FATMAP your job will be to hands-on create the most relevant and engaging digital experience for people to go outdoors and live their adventure - from the moment they look for a place to go, to the moment they want to share their adventure story, and the entire journey in between.

You have

  • A strong background in digital design, across all major platforms, mobile and desktop

  • A proven track-record in lean, hands-on product development for B2C products

  • An extraordinary portfolio, with focus on UX, concept and interaction design

  • The passion and dedication to make things happen in a fast-paced environment

  • … and it is always a plus, if you have a soft spot for outdoor adventure

Your responsibilities

  • Embrace the company vision and translate it into a tangible, coherent product experience, in regular exchange with product leadership

  • Drive and build a relevant, high quality user experience across mobile and desktop, doing hands-on UX, interaction and visual design

  • Run design sprints in collaboration with product management, including User Testing and Design QA

  • Brief, guide and collaborate with engineers to deliver a great product, on a weekly basis

Senior Platform/
DevOps Engineer - Berlin

As a DevOps engineer at FATMAP your job will be to build, scale and support the infrastructure and services that underpin both our customer facing applications as well as our internal tools.

You’ll be working closely with our engineering and product leads, as well as our GIS, Applications and Rendering guilds.


Student QA Engineer - Berlin

As a Student QA Engineer at FATMAP (up to 20 hours/week), you will help build the leading platform for outdoor adventure.

If you’re a skier, boarder, runner or biker, and you want to work on the largest outdoor adventure platform, then you’ll be perfect for FATMAP.

Check out our product at fatmap.com, or download the app from the App Store.

Your responsibilities:

  • You are responsible for planning and executing manual and automated testing of our web and mobile apps.

  • Perform regression, integration and exploratory testing.

  • Support our engineering team to ensure high-quality and frequent releases.

  • Write and manage the set of test cases covering the applications.

  • Document software bugs and errors and prepare quality reports.

Full-Stack Engineer

As a Full-stack engineer at FATMAP your job will be to build, scale and support our services that underpin our web and mobile experiences. You could be a great fit if you have experience with:

• Node.js

• Golang


• Heroku

• GraphQL

• Postgres

• Ruby/Ruby on Rails

• GIS (PostGIS, QGIS, ArcGIS etc)

You’ll be working closely with our engineering and product leads, as well as our GIS, Platform and Rendering teams.


Adventure Content Editor - Berlin

As a Content Editor at FATMAP, you will be responsible for the editorial output of our curated guidebooks and adventures, managing a team of freelance contributors, and owning the FATMAP style guide according to the recommendations of our activity-expert advisory board.


To make our FATMAP vision come true in our product experience, you will be working in the Content team in our HQ in Berlin Kreuzberg, together with a group of passionate experts in our partnerships and product teams.

Your responsibilities

●       Edit, curate and write adventure content

●       Research concepts, pitch, research, write and edit inspirational articles

●       Select the best adventure content from our user-generated content

●       Hire and coordinate freelance contributors to support our editorial efforts

●       Ensure the use of a consistent tone of voice and style guide use across all adventure content publications

Senior Mobile Developer - Berlin OR Vilnius

You'll be continuing the work we’ve put in over the last 18 months building the FATMAP mobile app, and helping us become the tool of choice for everyone's outdoor adventures. We’re looking for a native mobile app developer who is very strong on either iOS or Android, and can also work with React Native to implement a cross-platform strategy.

You will take ownership of our mobile platform, building rich media experiences and an impeccable user experience based on React Native and our in-house 3D mapping SDK. You’ll help us to solve interesting problems (such as how to reliably report location when offline halfway up a mountain) that don’t crop up in your average todo list app.

We work flexible hours and we all do some remote work, but we believe that the best results come from working side-by-side.

Your responsibilities

 ●      Take ownership of our mobile platform and team, helping us to grow both to become the go-to companion for adventures across the globe.

●      Strong focus on performance, stability and reliability, even (especially) when offline

●      Work with the design team to build flawless user experiences at 60fps.

●      As part of our Product team, work closely with our Rendering and Platform teams to deliver a unified, premium experience across all platforms.

●      Help us stabilise the existing application by continuing and expanding our practices of testing, type-safe code, and QA (manual and automated).

●      Contribute to the evolution of our engineering practices, mentor our junior developers and get involved with our frequent discussions on code quality, best practices, and workflows.